A packaged source file includes everything you need to use Scregal.

Getting started


Scregal works on a container element with a group of elems.

Include the Scregal in your site with local file.

<script src="/path/to/jquery.scregal.min.js"></script>

or attach the Scregal using cdnjs:

<script src=""></script>

how to initialize:

var $container = $('#gallery-box'); //container must be a SINGLE jQuery object
var scregal = new Scregal($container); //with default options
var scregal = new Scregal($container, {
	//with your options

You can use a string as a selector but only for a SINGLE element

var scregal = new Scregal('#gallery-box'); //with default options
var scregal = new Scregal('#gallery-box', {
	//with your options


var scregal = $('.gallery-box').scregal(); //with default options
var scregal = $('.gallery-box').scregal({
	//with your options

simple initialize in HTML:

Options set in HTML must be valid JSON.

get the Scregal instance:

var scregal = $'scregal');